Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Christmas was fantastic. I set up an album on the left (well, I'm currently attempting too, but eventually it will be there.) with the rest of the pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

2. Our annual Christmas morning tree picture. Check out Mackenzie's face. And Emma, wearing her new Snow White dress. Hoping next year's is better.

3. Coming down the stairs Christmas morning and seeing the presents under the tree for the first time.

4. Singing happy birthday to Jesus. I need to get Emma on video singing it because it's the sweetest thing. Emma helped me make the cake. She was also in charge of decorating as you can tell by the abundance of sprinkles and the candle placement.

5. The girls got a tool bench from Santa. They love it. Emma loves building things and Mackenzie just loves to turn on the table saw. It makes this awful sound which she loves, she gets this huge grin on her face then starts yelling. Then Emma starts yelling. So the table saw is running making its awful noise and they're both yelling and running around joyfully. I have to admit that the day after Christmas I turned it around so it faced the wall, that way Mackenzie couldn't turn it on. Mean, I know. It only lasted a day. A nice, quiet day. :)

6. Anyone have a compact point-and-shoot they love? (I have the Panasonic FZ7 and while I like it, it's kind of a pain to take some places. Like the Cavs game we went to. My MIL lent me her's to take since mine would've been a bit obvious siting on the floor behind the players, I was trying to be discreet, ya know?) I picked out an Olympus online and Michael got it for me. But now that I've tried it I don't love it. I'm looking for something cheap (around or under 150 would be great) that takes good indoor pictures and doesn't take too long to save the picture before you take the next one., whatever the technical name for that is. Oh, and burst mode would be great. Thanks.

7. We're celebrating Christmas with Michael's family tomorrow afternoon. Then Christmas will officially be over.

8. New Year's Day the tree and all the trimmings are coming down. As much as I love having the Christmas tree and all the decorations up, it's always nice to get back to normal.

9. So last Friday I took a kickboxing class. Hadn't planned on it. I went to Turbo Kick but our instructor was having Lasik done so she had a sub. And he taught his kickboxing class instead. Hardest thing I've ever done, workout wise. I've never done so many kicks in my life. Frame of reference - we did at least 150 kicks for each leg while down on all fours. Plus forward and backward and sideways kicks on each side, plus lunging kicks and squatting kicks and punches and more punches. My thighs were trembling all morning and by 9 pm I was feeling sore. The next morning, I didn't think I'd make it down the stairs! Pathetic, I know. I finally felt back to normal yesterday. Oh, and this was the mild version of his class. My theory is it'll get easier each time I do it, so I'm taking it again. :)

10. Emma woke up freaking out Sunday night. There was a shadow in her room. (she sleeps with a lamp on) And it had eyes and ears and a nose and she didn't say hi to it. (her words.) A potty break, a little snuggling in bed with Mommy and Daddy and of course some chocolate milk and she was better. But still not liking the shadows.
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Julie said...

It sounds like you guys had a Merry Christmas. :) I took my tree and everything down the day after. I usually wait, but it was driving me nuts this year. I feel like my house is so cluttered with all the Christmas decorations I guess? I hope your legs are feeling better...that is LOTS of kicking, but just think how good your butt will look for it. :) I hope Emma sleeps better tonight. Sometimes JB gets scared because of a shadow. I'm glad Emma didn't talk to it...

Maria said...

LOVE your birthday cake for Jesus - that's a tradition we always do too. You have such a beautiful family, love the pictures :-)

rachel m said...

sounds like your christmas was fantastic!! Love the Jesus birthday cake - we talked a lot about this special birthday and why we do for others with riley this year. The cake is a tradtition i hope we start next year!

nadine jenine said...

i've long been a fan of canon's point and shoot cameras. my first one was film and the next two were both digital, and i've just upgraded now to a rebel. canon has great camera's for less than $150. mine is the A570 model, and it also has the burst function on it.