Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. So, you know what's no so great about Mackenzie learning to stand in her crib? That's all she does. Yesterday, it took her over a half over to fall asleep for her afternoon nap because she kept standing up then crying. I'd go in and lay her down and she'd cry some more. Repeat. Bedtime? Over an hour. Naptime this afternoon? Never happened. My MIL said she cried for over an hour so she just got her up. Last night I found her facing the back wall, facing the side of the crib and of course, like this:

(picture taken at naptime yesterday)

And tonight? Not as bad, I only had to lay her down once. That was after I walked in to this:
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Very cute, I know. Hopefully the novelty of this will wear off, and she'll learn to get down without falling and hitting her head on the crib.

2. Michael had his post-op check-up this afternoon. Everything is looking well and he got a new cast.

3. Tonight, we played Candyland. Or, as Emma calls it, Lammyland.

Her first game. She actually didn't do too badly. Although the game ended early when she took my piece all the way to the end and said I was going home. Also, this didn't help.

Everytime we told Emma to move her piece, she'd take the card and lay it next to the matching color. At least we know she knows her colors.

4. Remember Matt? Here he is with Mackenzie and Brett at Brett's (and Ben and Chase's) graduation party yesterday. Hi Matt.

5. In addition to Mackenzie not wanting to go to sleep last night, neither did Emma. It was a looong evening for us. This was Emma about 10:45 last night. After lots of crying and books and "quiet time" with us she finally said "I'm going to lay down and read" and instantly fell asleep on the floor.

6. Emma loves watching So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew. Check out her moves:

7. Did you watch the Espy's last night. We did. Totally impressed with Justin Timerlake's hostability. (Pretty sure that's not a real word.) He was really good. Very funny.

8. CHA was this past weekend. LOVE the new KI, Basic Grey Urban Prarie line, My Mind's Eye Be Merry line, October Afternoon, American Crafts and my awesomely talented friend Renee's new line Eco-Chic.

9. Remember when I mentioned mowing the grass? The first time sucked. Probably because it was over 80 out and it was 2:30 in the afternoon and the sun was burning me up and I thought I was going to pass out. I'm happy to say I mowed it on Saturday at 8:30 am and it was no problem. It was overcast, not so hot and waaaay easier. Obviously, it was the heat that made it so awful, not the actual act of mowing. Next on my outside to-do list - trimming with the weed-eater. Fun.

10. Mackenzie really needs to start crawling. Right now she does this weird half-crawl/half-walk thing. She moves her right knee forward and then pushes off with her left foot and sort of hops forward. It's so funny. I haven't gotten that on video yet, but here she is tonight climbing and standing and thinking she can walk/stand/crawl.


Darcy said...

Those videos cracked me up! I love her backwards dance. =)

rachel m said...

oh the standing up in the crib! so begins the forehead bruises! love emma's dance moves.
cool cast- if you are going to break your leg - might as well support the bucks! Good luck with you adventures in yard work!

Julie said...

Emma has some awesome dance moves! :) Maybe you have the next dancing sensation on your hands? Hope Michael heals up nicely and good luck with the lawn mowing! I don't know what I would do if I had to mow the grass....I guess I'd just mow it, ha! It would probably be all uneven and drive Jeff nuts, but that is why I do the laundry and he does the yardwork. Get better soon Michael!