Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Michael broke his leg last night.
2. In three places. His Fibula twice and Tibia once.
3. He'll be having surgery this week and after, he'll be the proud owner of a rod (inserted in his legs) and screws (attched to the bone with) to go along with the screw already in his foot.
4. Yes, he was playing baseball. And no, I don't think this means the end of him playing.
5. These two took their first bath together last night. They couldn't have possibly had any more fun if they'd tried.

(Seriously, Mackenzie does not even look like herself in that picture. Kinda strange.)

6. Mackenzie can pull herself up now. That's what she was trying to do in the first bath picture. Really, though, it only works if she grabs your hands and then she can push herself upward. Because of this, I lowered her crib tonight. All night last night I had fears of her pulling herself up and toppling over the side. Nevermind the fact that she can't get into a sitting position on her own therefore this likely wouldn't happen. I still worried.

7. Went to the pool yesterday. Took lunch. Had a really good time. Mackenzie sat in the shallow end and played with toys for quite awhile. Only fell over once. :) Poor Michael, he won't be going to the pool for a while.

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8. This one is getting freckles like her Mommy. I noticed them on the 3rd. They're very faint but they're there. I've always asked my mom when I got mine and she couldn't remember. I'd like to say I'll remember when (if) Emma asks me but there's a good chance I won't.

9. Rebekah will be here Friday. It'll be a little crazy with everything that's going on but I'm so looking forward to it. We're going to Cedar Point although I'm not sure which day now.

10. About the whole broken leg thing. I realized today that means I have to cut the grass. All summer. Awesome.

PS, just noticed my pictures in the previous post (#11) weren't showing up. So I fixed it. And now you can see her fantastic, stick-straigh-up hair.


Missy said...

Cute cute pictures! can't wait for the bathtime together! So sorry about Michael- tell him to take it easy.

cheryl said...

oh my goodness! that's horrible! is he in alot of pain? i hope everything goes ok...:)
you and rebekah are going to have so much fun! and now if the surgery is when she's there she can help out. :)
also...i totally laughed out loud when i read about you mowing the grass. suck. that's my worst job as a homeowner!

Marie said...

oh erin i am so sorry! hope he feels better VERY soon!!

Darcy said...

OH NO!!! (First of all I love how Michael's broken leg was #1-#4!!!) And SUCK about having to mow the yard. And the whole rod in the leg thing.

And your girls are so, so cute! I miss you!!!

And SO JEALOUS of Rebekah coming! Have fun at CP..we went in May and you HAVE to stand in line for the Maverick even though it's gunna be a long one. you HAVE to!!!

Julie said...

I hope he's recovering soon!

Renee said...

broken leg?? what?? poor Michael!!! hope he is doing ok!!