Thursday, July 24, 2008

So much Elefun.

So we got Emma a game yesterday. Her very first game, picked out just for her. She loves it. She wants to play "the butterfly game" over and over. She gets so excited when we start, she doesn't know whether she should catch the butterflies falling, pick up the ones on the floor, or just watch us.

See Mackenzie in the top photo? She loves standing at that piano. Except when she pulls it over on herself. Pretty sure she doesn't like that.

We went swimming at my sister's today. Emma's getting braver. She still didn't really like to be held out in deeper water but she was all about jumping in.
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Thanks to my sister for cutting off Emma's head in one of the jumping photos. ;)

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Niki said...

YEAH!! great pics! SO glad you put videos on your blog, I love those!!