Wednesday, July 02, 2008

10 on Tuesday Wednesday

1. Today, Mackenzie is 8 months old. (Okay, so it was yesterday, but when I wrote this it was today, meaning Tuesday.)

2.I think her favorite activity is standing. She can be tired, grumpy, distracted but you stand her up and she's all smiles. But she wants to hold on to both hands. I discovered this last night. I had her standing and if I pulled away one hand she'd reach over for it every time.

3. She got her first tooth!! Bottom middle left. It broke through on Friday. Thanks to Abby who discovered it. Yes, that means Mackenzie was trying to eat her fingers. :) (You can't see it in photos yet. But she's still pretty cute in this one.)
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4. She thinks she can crawl. She'll be sitting up and just lunge forward for something not realizing she's going to fall flat on her face. She's close though. She gets up on all four and rocks.

5. She's discovered the remote. Loves the remote. Eating it, to be exact. I mentioned her lunging for things? The remote is the number one thing she'll go for.

6. She's really good at scooting backwards. Here she is stuck under the rocking chair. And two days ago she got completely under the jumperoo.

7.She's starting to get loud. Talking and laughing and screeching.

8. And bouncy. Such a wiggle worm. See her shirt in the first picture? :)

9. Because of the tooth and a little bit of croup, she hasn't been feeling the best. She's been a bit fussy and not sleeping well.

10. But other than that, she's still a happy, happy baby.
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Marie said...

now that is a cute baby :)

Mary said...

Oh,my, I can't believe she's 8 months already!!! All the time goes by so much faster when I'm not going through it with your pregnancy with Mackenzie - it went super fast for me as well as these past 8 months!!!

Rebekah said...

awww!! she is so sweet! & i get to hold her & play with her in one week!!! :) love her fuzzy cute hair. :)

rachel m said...

such a sweet little baby! love the I think I can crawl pose!

Julie said...

Man, they grow up fast! She's adorable!!!

Missy said...

Wow, that went fast! She is adorable!