Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Got Emma a Slip-n-Slide today, a Dora one. She'd only go on it when the water was on if it was really low. If it got "big" she was afraid and refused to do anything but touch it with her foot and run around it.

2. Rebekah was here this weekend. We went to Cedar Point Friday. Can I just say that Maverick is the best roller coaster ever. And Rebekah, remember, Cedar Point is America's Roller Coast. Get it, Roller Coast, roller coaster, the coast of Lake Erie. Hee hee.

3. This guy had surgery yesterday (picture from last week) and is now home and recovering. In addition to the rod in/on his Tibia, he also has a plate on his fibula. Oh, and they're attached with really big screws. At least they looked gigantic in the xray picture I saw.

3 1/2. Rebekah spent her last day here hanging out in the waiting room with me. For a really long time. 5 hours from when we got there until the surgery was over. Then we went and got something to eat and went back for another 1 1/2 hours or so. In a waiting room with no TV. Seriously. What waiting room doesn't have a TV? Oh, right, this one. But it did have this:

They called it their Computer Greaseboard. Michael was #3674. Rebekah and I joked we will never ever forget that number because we looked at it for hours, willing it to change from procedure start to recovery.

And we had these:

Because again, no TV.

4. I love how Mackenzie puts her hands on my face.

5.She's so happy. And drool-y. (Rebekah took these pictures. Love them.)

6. Tried to get one of the two of them. It was a tad difficult.

7. Much easier with Mackenzie.

8. Proof that Marie actually scrapped this weekend while at my house. (The "actually" thing is her word, check out her blog.)

And Rebekah scrapped.

I talked. And printed pictures. And went and got us Dr. Peppers since, gasp, I was out.

9. Put Mackenzie in the Johnny Jumper. Emma thought it was the greatest thing ever. She kept calling it a swing. And swinging her. Which really isn't a good idea so I'd tell her to stop. And then she'd try again. Toddlers are persistent. She did give her a bit of assistance with the jumping,though.

10. I keep telling Michael that he needs Guitar Hero while he's recovering. That'd it give him something to do. Of course he realizes it's really me who needs Guitar Hero. I so want it. I Have only played it twice and love it. Of course, if we do ever get it, I'm afraid my kids would be neglected because all I'd want to do is sit around and play "Talk Dirty to Me" and "One". Which is why Michael keeps saying no. But I'm working on him. ;)


Marie said...

yea! i need copies of those pictures :)

rachel m said...

Looks like you are having a fun summer! But a broken leg? Oh my! I hope your hubby's recovery is fast! Your girlies are so cute! And yes toddlers are persistant in helping their baby siblings! Yeah for scrapping and fresh dr. peppers!

Mary said...

did you call Emma "McEmma" in that video?? Maybe you have "mom with more than one kid and can't get their names straight" syndrome? I've heard it's easy to catch!!
Poor Michael - hope the summer isn't totally done for you all. Have fun mowing!!

Maria said...

Poor Michael!! Glad he's recovering okay. LOVE all your pictures. Your sweet little girls are growing up so fast - man are they cute :-)