Saturday, July 19, 2008

odds and ends

So, I'm pretty sure Mackenzie's getting another tooth. And while you wouldn't know it from looking at this picture (taken Friday),

She woke up really early Thursday morning (5 am) crying and fussing and miserable. It was a rough hour and a half before she went back to bed; tylenol, oral-b, cold teethers, binkies, rocking and the swing - none of it really helped. After a bottle around 6:20, she fell back asleep. BUT, in the midst of all that, two milestones were reached. She sat up in her crib on her own. She was crying when she was sitting there, I think partly because she was a bit shocked at how she got there. ;) She was a bit confused. And when I went in to check on her after that, she was standing holding on to the side! I was so excited. She hasn't stood in the crib again, but earlier today she tried to pull herself up on the couch and she's been sitting up on her own a lot.

She's suddenly gotten a big appeite. All of a sudden she's sucking down 8 ounce bottles. At 6 months we were lucky to get her to take 5 to 6 ounces, and up until a couple weeks ago she was still only taking 6 ounces. Then one night, she drank that down and wanted more and that's the way it's been. We're going to start introducing more table food so that should cut down on the formula intake some.

Emma had her first popsicle yesterday. It was a hit. I have a feeling we'll be going through many a box or two before summers over.

She's still loving the slip n slide, our neighbors came over yesterday and she and Caroline played together on it. Later in the afternoon, we met them at the pool. She's starting to get more daring, finally. Beth (Caroline's mom) gave her a ring float (does that make sense? not sure what they're actually called) and she loved it. She put it around her waist and was "swimming" around. And when we saw some friends from our neighborhood and I told her Jillian was there she started walking away from me looking for water that kept getting deeper. My child who is afraid of water higher than her thighs kept on going and I had to chase after her! She was so set on finding Jillian she forgot all about her fear. Good and bad, I guess.

Michael's Aunt and Uncle stopped over Wednesady night and brought this cool cookie bouquet.

Emma's really liking it...

Michael got out the house for the first time all week tonight. We went to a graduation party and have another one tomorrow. I'm tackling church with just me and the girls in the morning, should be interesting. Wish me luck. :)
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Rebekah said...

i am totally bummed that i missed out on the slip & slide fun (AND popsicles)!! :) love the pictures of the girls!!! i miss them...and you, too! hope church went well today...and hopefully it wasn't raining. :) xo.

wendy bretz said...

glad to see all is well erin :)
hope michael gets better soon
looks like the girls are having a blast this summer :)
popsicles are always a good treat in our house!

cheryl said...

i cannot BELIEVE how much emma looks like you in that bottomest pic of her! WOW!
now i want a popsicle. :D