Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday in pictures

My mom came over today. We went to the outlets this morning, lunch then Kohls. Got Emma the cutest pajamas as well as some play clothes. Including the perfect shirt - it's from Osh Kosh and says "Catch me if you can." Between that and the "Chatterbox" shirt, you know all there is to know about her. She talks non stop and is always on the go.
When we got back this afternoon, we took the girls out on the deck. Emma went immediately for the bubbles of course.
Notice Mackenzie's face. She doesn't seem particularly interested or excited about the bubbles.
This is the face Emma made after she tasted the bubbles. This was not the first time she tasted them. Nor was it the last this afternoon. She kept doing it! Over and over and over.
Cute butterfly sandals, courtesy of Target.
Oh, I forgot, there's one more shirt required for a complete Emma description:
She was very proud of the bubble pile she made using her new hippo bubble blower, a gift from my friend Stephanie. She stomped all over them and then created a new pile.

Blowing bubbles in my face. This amused her to no end.
First we have the hippo bubble blower in action. (Again, Mackenzie wasn't all that into the bubble blowing.)
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Missy said...

Cool bubble blower- Maya is sitting here with me saying Can I get that!!!

Rebekah said...

love the video! some serious bubble fun! :)

Renee said...

she looks so grown up!!