Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Michael's team had a double-header Saturday. They played at Kent State, something they were able to do last year as well. And they won them both. :)

And now, the day in pictures.

Mackenzie and Grandpa Sweeney.

Emma was loving the rocks and kept bringing them to Grandma Sweeney.

On our walks. They had a short walking path near the stadium. According to Emma it had mountains (hills) and rivers (small stream) and a bridge (small foot bridge across the stream) and she loved it.

See the slight pink in her cheeks? I won the Mommy-of-the-Year award Saturday by not putting sunscreen on her face. She had quite the sunburn by the end of the day.

Talking to Daddy between games. She got very excited every time she saw him.

She loves apples. How do I know this? Because the only way she could eat them was to sit. And she sat. Amazing.

On our walks, I mainly got pictures of Emma's back. So I started walking backwards to get some of her face when she decided she needed to do exactly what I was doing. Which meant I got more pictures of her back.

She took a 2 hour nap during the second game.

The coach in action.
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Darcy said...

YEAH!! There is a slideshow!!! Do you know how happy that makes me? =) THANK YOU!!!

So glad you made it to the double header! The girls are the cutest fans I've ever seen. =)

Renee said...

yay for Michael's team!! love the photos- the one of you and emma is too cute!

Maria said...

love the photos! looks like you guys had lots of fun :-)