Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

(I decided to steal Marie and Missy's Ten on Tuesday idea. Hopefully it'll get me to blog more. Thanks girls!)

1. Have you seen that Pediasure commercial where a mom and her daughter are in the grocery store and the little girls says, “But I don’t like ____” at everything the mom picks up? That was Emma today. She loves green beans. Yet this morning at Giant Eagle when I said I was going to get some she immediately said, “I don’t like green beans.” Well, yes you do, I'm getting them and you'll eat them. I'm certainly not buying Pediasure! She eats what I make and that's that. So far it's worked. She's a fabulous eater.

2. Emma was playing with her chunky animal puzzle Saturday and I suggested she line them up and take them for a “walk”. She looked at me and quite seriously said, “Good idea, Mommy”.

3. I finished 6 scrapbook pages last night. I have a bad habit of starting pages and not finishing them. Sometimes all I get done is putting the picture down, other times I complete it except for the journaling. I probably have 20 – 30 pages like this. But last night, I finished 6 of them. One going back almost 2 years! (I added some of them to the slide show on the left.)

4. Mackenzie can sit up on her own (leaning forward quite a bit) for up to minute at a time before she flops over. We’re practicing though.

5. It’s a busy week. We had a play date with my friend Lisa and her two girls yesterday morning then visited my friend Mary and her daughter last night. For the rest of the week, we’ve got baseball games, a luncheon for me, my niece’s confirmation, Mackenzie’s 6-month check-up/visit from my mom and trips to the library and fitness center.

6. I’m reading The Strong-Willed Child (And in case you wondered, the strong-willed child in question is not Mackenzie.) If anyone has any parenting book suggestions, please pass them on.

7. Emma (speaking of strong-willed child) is getting quite bossy. As in “Mommy, stop talking.” “Mommy, don’t sit there!” “ Mommy, don’t sing.” Another common thing I hear all day long is “I don’t want to _____.” Could be anything from taking a nap to putting on her shoes.

8. I’m trying really hard to not drink pop during the week. Too bad I already failed and drank one last night while complete those 6 layouts. But so far so good today!

9. I want this IKEA bookcase in black/brown for the playroom side of our family room. It can hold Emma’s books, our books, toys, my scrapbook albums, photo albums and some picture frame while also cleaning up that space. Love it.

10. Michael hung this up last night for me. An early-birthday present from my in-laws that I picked out a couple weeks ago. Our daily reminder to pray more often. Something I definitely need to do. Also a reminder to start praying with Emma, teaching her a simple prayer for dinner and bedtime.

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Marie said...

i want that bookcase too.

and for the record i think that i originally got 10 on tuesday from susie...i think :)

Missy said...

too funny- I have been eyeing that bookcase as well! Traveling to IKEA this weekend hopefully but I don't think that bookcase will fit in the car!

rachel m said...

oh I want that bookcase too!
that Pedisure commerical bugs me so much! My son says that all the time too - I don't like that..then I put it front of him at dinner and he cleans his plate. And with a little ranch dip - he'll eat just about anything! I have layouts that have been sitting for 2 + years waiting for journaling...someday! 6 completed layouts calls for a celebration soda!

Susie said...

Yea for 10 on Tuesday! The random thoughts came after I saw this guys blog -(http://www.yanowhatimean.com/tuesday/) that had ten focused things. Anyways....
love the Pray sign- I wonder where I can get one around here- I'd love to have one in my home!

Maria said...

get the bookcase - you won't be sorry - we have that one in our livingroom in black/brown and it holds my scrapbooks & our books & the girls books - and then I have the same bookcase in white in my scrapbook room and it holds my supplies - seriously, such a verisitle bookcase.

Love your Ten on Tuesday :-)

Renee said...

we have that ikea expedit in the kids playroom- it is great for storage/books and toys! I really want to get a few more! ha!

Rebekah said...

ooo! love your ten on tuesday! you should totally get that bookcase but wait until i get there. *lol* ask cheryl about that & her bookcase experience with me. :)
way to go on finishing unfinished layouts, girl! *6*! whoohoo! and yippee for emma sitting up! :)