Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday Lisa, Kelly and I took our kids to the one of the Metroparks to play in the river and have a picnic. Kelly had been there before but this was new to me and Lisa. The kids all loved it. Finding rocks, walking in the river, trying to catch tiny fish - it was a perfect way to spend a couple hours. It was a good thing we'd brought extra clothes because they were soaked by the time we left!

2. Before:

3. After:

4. I have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. Very excited to see how big this baby boy has gotten. Also, to make sure he's still a boy.

5. I'm over the 90+ degree heat. Especially since the pool is closed during the week now.

6. This is Mackenzie right after the first time she fell in the river yesterday. Notice I had said first. She fell at least two more times.

7. I started washing the girls' fall clothes yesterday and the last load is finally in the dryer. I like to wash them after they've been in plastic tubs for two years. Well, Mac's have been since they were Emma's. We also have some things from Emma from my friend/neighbor Beth. Now I have to put them all away tomorrow. Fun times.

8. Speaking of friend/neighbor Beth, here's Emma after her game Saturday with Caroline, her friend and Beth's daughter.

9. There's a park near us that has an old-school merry-go-round. How awesome is that?

(Emma, Graham who is hidden, Titus, Mackenzie)

10. I ordered pictures last week from Shutterfly because they sent me an email coupon code for 101 free prints - I hadn't ordered since March 2009. Now I'm working on my free 8x8 photo book. Maybe I should go a year and half between orders more often.

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Marie said...

Looks like fun-but I have no idea how you did that in this heat!!

rachel m said...

playing in a river! what fun. I know I am over this heat and I work in a/c most of the day. I hope he's still a boy :) ahh fall clothes! What is it about putting away clothes? I would rather live out of a clean laundry basket.

wendy smedley said...

it is exiting waiting for that baby boy to come!