Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Malachi turned 3 and his party was Sunday. He likes horses. There was a pinata which was very fun and funny, too.

2. Had friends over yesterday. Stefanie and her girls, Julia and Frankie, went with us to the pool and then came over for some playtime.

3. The garage sale was a success. We had a lot of strollers for sale. No, we weren't selling all our baby gear - we were multiple times why we were selling everything. My friends Beth and Lisa put stuff in it (the majority of the baby stuff) as well as my mom and Michael's mom.

4. Speaking of the strollers, the girls wanted to go for rides.

5. Lemonade was sold.

6. Scrapbook supplies were sold. This was the table Friday morning. I think I ended up selling about 1/2 to 2/3 of the product. I should've taken an after photo. Regardless, I was pleased.

7. One of the girls favorite summer activities has been squirting daddy with water guns when he mows.

8. Friday night we went to Chipotle. Where while walking out Mackenzie kept sing-songing "It won't hurt. It won't hurt," as she was pulling on Michael's hand/leaning over the curb/jumping. Then she fell. And it hurt. A lot.
9.Tomorrow is Michael's last day home with us. He goes back to school Thursday. The girls are sad. I'm sad. Thinking he's sad, too. The end of summer always stinks.
10. But that means Emma will go back to school soon and she can't wait. She's very excited. And it also means we'll have a baby soon. Six weeks and counting...

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Stephanie said...

Poor Mack! Glad your sale went well!