Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ten on tuesday

1. Emma's into posing lately. Which is usually funny (except when I'm trying to get a good picture). But what's funnier is when Mackenzie tries to copy her. Hee hee.

2. Trampoline jumping at my sister's.

3. Posing? Or just making funny faces? Sometimes she thinks it's the same thing.

4. Michael built the girls a new sandbox. Very cool. Very big (6ft x 6ft). Currently holding over 1 ton of sand. Mason sand which is perfect for building roads and castles and such. They love it.
Love. It.

5. Also, it's very dirty. This is not quick-brush-off-before-going-in-the-house sand. It's hose-them-down-and-they-go-in-naked sand. The girls now have 3 sets of sand clothes. Did I mention how much they love it? And how much I love that Michael built this for them? That it makes us happy seeing them so happy playing it?

6. Watched the Twins Day parade Saturday.

(When I was taking this, she was telling me "Go sit down Mommy.")

7. Got my new lens and filters Friday. (Thanks, Marie.) Wondering why it was necessary to package them like this:

8. My Mom.

9. I'm pricing things for my garage sale this weekend. This pile is done. Now to pull out the two boxes in the laundry room and start them.

10. Michael got me flowers for our anniversary yesterday. He even remembered I'm not a rose fan. :) Love the mix of flowers and colors.

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Julie said...


The kids are getting so big! Happy anniversary!

P.s. Your mom is beautiful!