Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rock the Park

So our town does these Friday night concerts four times a summer. They're not the typical family concerts in the park, but rather for adults 21 and over. This past Friday was the first one and Michael and I attended. We went with some of the girls I work out with and their husbands.

The band was The Breakfast Club, so it was all 80's music. Some pop, some hair metal. Definitely some Bon Jovi and Def Leppard. Which made me happy. Of course, I couldn't get all of us together at the same time but we did get this photo of five of us, but we're missing five others that were there but somewhere else at the concert.

(Kelly, Lisa, me, Megan, Tracey)

I think this was the first time in, oh, maybe years, we'd been out as a couple with friends but without kids. It was good. We should do it more often. Except that's probably not going to happen with a baby arriving in less than 5 weeks. But it's a nice thought.


Marie said...

oh you look so cute :)

Julie said...

Oh, I'll bet that was soooo fun! You look precious! :)