Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last Thursday was the Mother's Day Tea at Emma's school. Which was actually donuts, milk and juice. Which is a good thing for me, since I don't like tea. I think the kids made it all of 10 minutes sitting with their mom's. As soon as the donuts were gone, so were the kids - running in circles, yelling and laughing and in Emma's case, red-faced.

2. Last night I downloaded PW's actions and I think my favorite is the 70's. I used on this picture (from Friday) of Mackenzie.

3. And this self-portrait Emma took that same day. She LOVES the camera.

4. And last night, we went on an hour-long walk with Lisa, Bree and Ava. Which turned in to a nature walk. The wagons were full of leaves, dandelions, little baby pine cones and twigs. I used it here, too. Emma and Bree are all about posing these days.

5. Saturday was Claire's birthday party and yesterday she turned 3. Happy birthday sweet niece!

6. So I'm in love with Glee's Total Eclipse of the Heart. I've always loved the song, and Lea Michele does an amazing job with it. But my very favorite thing? The video. I secretly (or not so much now) want to be Rachel dancing that ballet with Jesse. Loving Jonathan Groff. Loving his voice. Loving the ballet. Really loving the ballet. Also really hoping he's not on less after last week's episode. More, please.

7. Last week the new Sookie Stackhouse book came out. (What True Blood is based on in case you don't know.) SPOILERS IF YOU'RE WAITING TO READ IT: It was good. I finished it the day I got it at the library. But it was over too soon. Plus, there should be more Sookie and Eric. I like them together. I don't like how it ended, I wanted things more clear between them, I didn't like how he just left. I don't really care about Alcide and his pack. I could've done without that. Now, the wait until next year's book begins.

8. I actually finished my scrapbook page from the crop on the 1st. And am almost done with another. I might even get them posted this Sunday. I think that'll be the first Scrapbook Sunday in a while.

9. This morning I ran out to the mailbox in the pouring ran, and on my way back, Mackenzie was standing in the garage cheering for me, "go Mommy! Good job Mommy!" Thanks, munchkin.

10. I'm tired. Everyone napped yesterday - it wasn't such a good day, what with Mackenzie headbutting me in the forehead giving me a headache from 8:30am to 7:30 last night with a bump still there plus Emma's complete freak-out at the dentist - until 5:30. Know what that means? Emma was up until 12:45! So I was up until then. Again, tired.


Marie said...

hee hee-love emma's face in those pictures :)

Missy said...

I'm very fond of the 70's action as well. I pooped out yesterday too. We ran errands and then once we got home we stayed there. Someday when the planets align we can get together. I have a tub of clothes for you to look through.