Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day

Thursday was Emma's last day of 3's Preschool. Crazy how fast the year goes by. Crazy how much older she looks.

Emma loved school. Loved. It. Of course, we had our share of days where she cried and didn't want to go in the room. Days where I had to hand her off to Mrs. Sivillo while I picked up Mackenzie and ran out the door. But the tears never lasted long and she was always happy when I picked her up. She loves her teachers. Loves her friends. I'm so glad that next year she'll be in the same room with the same teachers with the same friends. I like the consistency.

She was always quick to tell me what the snack was, about the book they read and sometimes even what others brought for show and tell. As for her answer when I asked, "What did you learn today?" Well that was usually, "I don't know" and "I can't remember." Although I always got "I played" when I asked what she did that day.

When I told Emma school was about over for her, she cried. Same thing the night before her last day. She told me again how much she loved school, her teachers and her friends, how fun it was and how she didn't want it to end. That morning before school, I mentioned that now she'd be home with us this summer over break, and her reply was "And now Mackenzie won't have to miss me. And then in the fall I go back and I can't wait I'm so excited I love school!" And then she cried when I went to leave her room. Sometimes 4-year-olds make no sense.

And just because I love it.

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Marie said...

I can't believe how much older she looks!!

rachel m said...

what a big girl!
i LOVE that last picture - she looks so excited she can hardly contain it! and it's sweet how much she loves school and her teachers.

Missy said...

that's a huge difference! As if you want to hear that. Sorry:) Mine turned 6 today. I understand. BTW- do you still want clothes?

Renee said...

wow- she does look so much older! She is so pretty!