Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

First up, the page I started at the NSD crop May 1st. One down, one to go. Yep. I was there for over seven hours and did two pages. Er, started two pages.

And one I did this past week. Michael and Emma at Dad's Night. This was inspired by a page in a recent SBE, but I cut it out without the designer's name. She used 3 pieces of wide pleated ribbon, which turned into pleated patterned paper for me.
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Next on my list, adding some pages to Emma's "Emma at three" album, which has turned into the "Emma at three and at four" album since there's only five pages in it so far!


Marie said...

i like how you moved the it looks like iphone, ipad, that sort of thing. totally looks like you did it on purpose :)

rachel m said...

yeah for completed pages, no matte what! and ikenzie page is super cute! love all the ribbon! I went to a 12 hour crop on saturday and got only got 10 pages done! i had big expectations - like start & finish brady's baby book! he is going to be 3 this week and I only have a handful of his baby layouts done!

Missy said...

Almost scrapbooking season for me! Let's get together yah yah yah!