Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. So much for blogging more often in 2010.
2. This picture makes me smile.

3. I think it's weird how the snow does this, but doesn't fall off.

4. Did you watch the Chuck season premier? Oh, soooo good! If you don't watch Chuck, you should.

5. Also starting up this month - 24 and Burn Notice. Yay!

6. I babysat Caroline and Jack parts of the last two weeks. Jack and Mackenzie were sitting on the piano bench playing together. Very cute. The instant I got my camera out, this happened. She was done.

7. I'm updating my 365 blog. I've been taking the pictures. Just not posting them.

8. We went sledding yesterday at my friend Kelly's. With Kelly's kids being the exception, I think the moms had much more fun going down the hill than our children did.

9. New Sewing Machine project #2 is moving along, albeit slowly.

10. Scrapbook Sunday will go up tomorrow. And so will my Menu Plan Monday. We'll call it's mixed-up Wednesday.
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Marie said...

oh my goodness the snow the snow the SNOW!

Stephanie said...

B is great at the "oh, there's a camera so I have to stop" whatever cute thing she was doing. So frustrating.

darcy said...

Um, where is Menu Monday and Layout Sunday!!!??? It's not like you are busy or anything.. HA!

Missy said...

yah- i thought of you this week when I changed my entire menu all over the place!
I love that pic of emma chasing kenz...