Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It finally stopped snowing this afternoon.

For a while, that is. It's snowing again now, although not nearly as heavy as it had been. I did actually leave the house today though. Since our street is a hill, it's tough to get up when there's a lot of snow. So much that it's entertainment to just stand at the living room window and watch the cars attempt this.

Yesterday when we were out, three cars in a row were struggling. It was the craziest thing. Car A stropped in front of our driveway and we about to help push her car when she got going again. The she stopped again and Car B decided to go around her (because that's always a smart thing to do) but slid towards the other side of the road and that's when car C passed them both! All three struggled to the top of the hill but eventually made it, no pushing required.

It's a constant reminder to me not drive when it's like that. Well, that, and our own experience getting stuck and the run-in with the mean tow truck driver that scarred me. I just don't leave when the road conditions, well, suck.

10 am yesterday

1pm yesterday. Michael had a snow day.

Mackenzie is on the sidewalk leading to our front door here.

Next to our driveway.

Our deck at 6pm.

And while I think we've got plenty of snow to last us a while, we're supposed to get more. Awesome.


Missy said...

Holy.snow. We got half that.

darcy said...

WOAH that is a lot of snow... snaps for good pictures to scrap, tho!

Marie said...

oh.my.goodness. that is what i call SNOW!

Katy said...

by crickey that is a lot of snow. How much did you get?
They are telling us anything from 1-7 inches late tomorrow.
My luck it'll arrive after I leave for my meeting in the country. :)

Rebekah said...

and i thought we got a ton of snow on christmas! the walls of snow along your sidewalk...whoa! :) so glad the girls had fun playing. love seeing pics of them!