Saturday, June 07, 2008

And we're off!

Heading out to Virginia tomorrow morning. Well, technically this morning, since it's after midnight. I've got all the toys/food/necessities packed. The girls clothes are in their suitcase, just need to go over it again in the morning. Working on mine. I'm going to get up early so I'm ready when my mom and sister get here. I'm determined to be ready and not be late!

So, let me tell ya about our evening. We attending a graduation party tonight during which Emma fell in the pool. I actually remained remarkably calm -which I still can't believe. (I contribute this to the fact that I knew Michael was right there and that she'd be okay.) We knew it was going to happen inevitably as she was fascinated by the pool. All night long, either one of us, one of the high school kids or one of the parents there was saying, "Emma, move back. Don't get so close. Be careful." Someone was by her at all times because of this, so when she fell in (she was crouched down and bent over to look at something) Michael was right there. There was a collective gasp as he dove (literally) on to the ground and reached over and grabbed her. She went under but only for a few seconds. She cried for a few minutes while we stripped her to her diaper and dried her off. Then she said, and I quote, "Mommy, can I go play game?" referring to the volleyball net. Obviously, not too scarred. The rest of the evening she kept saying "I fell in the water. Daddy rescued me. It was scary." She rode home in her diaper (a dry one!) and shoes. Oh our crazy kid. She has no fear whatsoever.

ETA: So I way trying to fall asleep last night but I kept thinking about this. How much worse it could have been. How thankful I am someone was always by her. How you just can't take your eyes off your children for a second. That I'm glad we know Emma so well. We knew she'd end up in that pool. It's just her. She'd find a way in, even if it was an accident. We'd actually been talking earlier in the evening about a 3-yr old who drowned recently not to far from us. Pools can be so dangerous. I know this. I'm almost paranoid about it. And that's why we watched her like a hawk last night. We shook our heads and laughed about it later, but at the time it was scary. We're very blessed, that's for sure.

I leave you with a couple pictures of Mackenzie I took tonight before we walked to get ice cream. (We needed some after the whole graduation party/pool incident!)I realize they're very similar but just so darn cute that I couldn't pick just one.

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Have a great week and I'll be back posting in a week or so.


Renee said...

Mackenzie is a doll!!

SO glad Emma is ok- how scary that was! Pools totally freak me out, Aislin and Declan can both swim very well, but I still will not take my eyes off them when they are in the pool!

Renee said...

ps have a great trip!!!

Marie said...

oh my gosh. SO glad he was there!!!! i am terrified of regular pools-that's why i am so glad that the pool we belong to has a huge shallow end that goes on a she is never far from my side.

now what am i going to do without you this week???

rachel m said...

OMG! so glad you guys were prepared and can laugh about it now. Glad to know Emma safe and sound. Even baby pools freak me out! little mackenzie is so sweet!

Candice said...

Scary! Good thing you guys were so aware, but close calls like that are always awful.

Have so much fun on your trip!

cheryl said...

oh my goodness...i was totally crying reading about emma falling in the pool. my heart would have stopped. i'm so glad that you guys were watching so closely!
so now i know why i couldn't get ahold of you today...(other than the fact that we NEVER catch each other!) have a good trip and hopefully we'll catch up soon! :)

Darcy said...

I would have flipped into that pool when she went in! I am so glad that Micheal was there!

have a great trip!!

Maria said...

oh my word that's scary!!! anna is like that too - total dare devil, no fear. so glad emma's okay!! hope you have a great time on your trip!

Missy said...

oh happy she is ok...daddy reflexes rock!