Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Virginia edition

1. It was hot. Really hot. 100 degrees every day (and I'm rounding. 99 might as well be 100). So we went shopping. Twice. On Monday and Friday. In Durham NC, 1 1/2 hours away. Although it took us closer to two hours b/c we had some difficulties following directions. Both times. The mall was awesome. It's a huge 2-story indoor mall, plus a really nice outdoor mall. Emma loved the fountains. Especially throwing the pennies in. I thought for sure she'd try to jump in but she didn't.

2. We did brave the heat twice. Once on Thursday to see Alpacas. Isn't this one so stinkin' cute!

3. And once to go to the pool. We went swimming in 100 degree heat. Although while in the water it wasn't actually too bad. Once you got out though it was horribly hot. I didn't take any pictures while we were actually in the pool, but here's Emma making a funny face while eating grapes. I realize it probably isn't that funny to you but it makes me chuckle. And also Mackenzie after she woke up from her nap. Being held in the pool wore her out. That, and the fact we were there at nap time.

4. Emma got her first Build-a-Bear, courtesy of my sister, during our first trip to the mall. While she really likes her bear, Patches, she wasn't in to the whole process. She was actually frightened by the stuffing machine.

5. We went to see my Grandma. She had no clue who I was.I saw her in the hall the day before we took the girls to see her and she just said "Who is that pretty young girl." When we told her I was her granddaughter Erin she just told me she loved me. Even though she didn't know us, I'm glad we got to see her.

6. The family reunion was Sunday, the day after we arrived. It was fun to see all our family, many we haven't seen in years. My cousin Kelly, who I was really close to in high school, was there with her two kids. And she'd brought a slip-n-slide. I didn't take Emma's bathing suit, but Kelly gave me a swim diaper so Emma didn't have to miss out on the water fun. She played in the swim diaper and tank top. Didn't bother her a bit to not be in her bathing suit. While she didn't actually slip nor slide, she did splash around in the pool at the end of the slide and drink the water shooting up on the side.

7. I love this picture of Mackenzie. She was sitting in my mom's lap. It's like she just peeked over her shoulder at me to see what I was doing. Just to make sure I was there.

8. Emma threw up in the car on the way home. All I can say is I hope that never happens again. Oh, and thank goodness we happened to be close to a Walmart. Because if it'd happened much sooner or later we'd been stuck in a car full of vomit. Ugh.

9. On our Monday jaunt to the mall we stopped at Duke. Well, we didn't actually stop. We just drove through part of the campus.

10. I've got a slide show of more pictures over on the left if you'd like to see them.


Missy said...

that is the cutest alpaca I've ever seen!

Rebekah said...

so glad you guys had a great trip! love all the photos - in your post & slideshow!! :)

Marie said...

so happy you had a good time

happier that you are back...

Darcy said...

oh you crack me up.. I'm glad you were by a Walmart too because the vomit smell is the worst!!! That picture of MacKenzie is my fave of hers... SO ADORABLE!

Michelle StClair said...

So glad you had a nice trip. And dang girl.....you were in my neck of the woods.......i work in Raleigh....