Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Go Steelers

Michael went on a little shopping spree Saturday afternoon and came home with this Ben Roethlisberger jersey as well as an OSU jersey and sweatshirt for Emma and two OSU outfits for Mackenzie. Of course after OSU lost (very, very sad day in our house) he threatened to return them. And of course we're not. But the Steelers had a good day, beating the Brownies. I was pulling for the Browns, I thought they could do it but, nope, they didn't. Lost game number 9 to the Steelers.


Here's Mackenzie this past Thursday, one week old. So cute. And such a good baby. Except between 1:30 - 3:30 am, when apparently she likes to be awake. At least she's not crying. But for someone like me who can't fall asleep real quickly, it sucks. I was up from 1:30 to 6 am today b/c when she fell asleep at 3:30 I was wide awake. So I finished watching The Departed.
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Speaking of The Departed. Have you seen it? SO GOOD! Horrible language, but what an awesome movie. I was so nervous the whole time that Leonardo DiCaprio's character was going to get found out, was totally caught up in it and completely surprised at the ending! But I'm left with so many questions! I hope they come out with a DVD full of deleted scenes and commentary. Because this one had neither.


Marie said...

steelers? really? don't think i can be friends with you anymore. hmphf.

Rebekah said...

can't believe OH St. lost! crazy! you guys will have to take photos in your OSU duds since Mackenzie now has her own outfits! :)
and girl, no wonder you can't go back to sleep if you're watching movies like The Departed in the middle of the night. haha! :) intense, i'm sure!
one week! wow! she is still SO CUTE!!! :) not that that will ever change!