Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big Girl Bed - Part 2

A short while ago I heard a thump. My first thought was Emma fell out of bed somehow. I went upstairs and stood by the door but didn't hear anything. I slowly opened it and hit something. Or someone. Emma. Laying on the floor by the door. Me hitting her caused her to hit her Leapfrog music table thing which then caused her to say "Piano!" She then ran out the door, said "Downstairs?" and tried to go play. It was hysterical. And she's now back in bed.

Apparently, I jinxed myself with the last post.


Marie said...

am i evil? makes me feel just a little bit better. tee hee.

Aimee Ferguson said...

That is too funny, Erin! Oh how I remember those days...always exciting!;o)