Friday, November 30, 2007

4 weeks old

Mackenzie is 4 weeks old as of yesterday. The last four weeks have flown by, that's for sure. She is such a good baby. I'm seriously blessed with happy, non-crying babies. I'm telling ya, that's my reward for having awful pregnancies. And it's why I'll eventually end up pregnant again - the babies are so good, I forget how awful the 9 months of puking really is!


Emma has been coloring in the bathtub. She loves it. She covers the whole tub. And herself. And two nights ago when I took these pictures, she decided to "swim." I saw her put her Elmo bath toy face down, and she said "Elmo Swimmin'" then she lay down on her stomach and swam as well. My best guess is Dora was swimming recently and she remembered it. Because she hasn't been in a pool since August, and even then she didn't "swim" like that. She also stuck her face in the water then popped up and said "Drink the water!" Um, no, Emma. Please don't drink the red crayon colored water!
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Marie said...

she is getting so big!
hope your day is good :)

Rebekah said...

so sweet! love hearing your emma stories! :) xoxo.

Renee said...

Mackenzie is gorgeous!! love the pics of emma!!