Saturday, November 24, 2007

A few days worth of pictures

Thanksgiving was great. We stayed home. We only left the house to go to Cracker Barrel. Yes, that's right. We ate out on Thanksgiving. I did not cook. And I'm okay with that. :) We could've gone to my sister's house. And as much as I would've loved to see my family, it just sounded much better in theory than in reality. I didn't feel like getting everyone ready, making a dish, driving out there, etc. It was much more relaxing this way. And our meal at good ole Cracker Barrel was quite good, thank you very much. Our friends who live across the street from us came over that evening though and brought apple pie, so we weren't completely without company on Turkey Day.

Marty, Abby and Claire came over last night and Abby took this picture. First family picture since coming home from the hospital. Still having trouble getting Emma to smile for the camera/sit still. At least she's looking in the one and doesn't have her finger in her nose. Aaah, gotta love toddlers!

The girls on Thanksgiving. Mackenzie so was not happy! But Emma was!

Watching the parade. Emma loved it. When the Rockettes came on, she even tried kicking with them. Let's just say she needs more practice. Ha ha!

And from last Saturday - Go Buckeyes!!!
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Rebekah said...

great photos, E! :) sounds like a nice relaxing thanksgiving! and yummm, cracker barrel! :) love the family photo!