Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big Girl Bed

She is sleeping in her big girl bed.


the first night was Friday. I took this picture Monday night. Now for some strange reason, she still wants to nap in her crib. But she sleeps straight through the night in her bed. And except for the first night, she stays in once we put her in there. Yesterday morning, I was asleep on the couch about 8:30 when I heard a giggle. I looked up, and there was Emma coming down the stairs with a big grin on her face. It was hysterical. Last night, we kept the door shut. :)

She's also starting to put words together which is so cool. Some common ones: Change Diaper. Mommy Coat. Buckle Seat. Dirty Diaper. Poop Diaper. Eat Lunch. Chocolate Milk. Daddy Home.

Did I mention how cool this is?
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Marie said...

ok so i HAVE to get lily in the big girl bed. but i am afraid that the giggle will be all that we will hear. is she not ready or am i not? baby steps i guess...

oh and COOL blanket!!!!!

renee said...

so sweet!! have you not caught her up playing yet?? haha just give it time! love the bedding- it looks great!