Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Last Wednesday I had a date with this man. Dinner at Hyde Park. No kids. Absolutely delicious French Onion soup and the most tender filet mignon. And the gruyere potatoes. Yum. Yum. Yum. Bonus: an hour and 45 minutes to eat - no rushing, no cutting up my girls' food and getting them ready before I could eat, no interruptions. It was awesome.

2. 25 weeks along tomorrow. At my appointment last week my doctor told me that after my next appointment (@ 28 weeks) I'd be coming in every 2 weeks. Huh. Already that close. It's going fast, but that really reminded me just how close we're getting.

3. Anyone else have low blood pressure when pregnant? I'm always right around 120/80, but this pregnancy I've been around 110/60. I asked the nurse about it last week when she told me 112/62 (which was 2 points higher than the month before) and she said it was fine, that they don't worry until you're in the 50s. I thought, "Um, yeah. Almost there." Of course, my this could just be the same as my last two pregnancies and I just don't remember. It also could be normal and very common.

4. At the pool last week.

5. T-ball tonight. More sliding in to home plate.

6. Also some dancing in the outfield.
8. Emma has ballet camp this week. Which is actually jazz and tap. Thank you to my friend Noelle (and Missy!) who loaned me tap shoes since it didn't dawn on me until 10:30 Sunday night that she needed them. Okay, so it didn't actually dawn on me. I never would've thought of it but Missy gently reminded me. Thanks, Mis.
9. Ballet, er, jazz and tap, camp means I haven't been to the gym this week. Of course, as Michael said, I could get up early and go or go late, but....I'm more a 9/10/11am workout kind of girl. Since I worked out 5 days last week, I'm not worried about skipping M-W this week. I'll be there Thursday and Friday though. Oh, and Zumbathon Friday night.
10. I think I've solved the mysterious brown stains on clothing. I cleaned out the rinse dispenser and ran some Clorox washing machine cleaner through it and so far, no more stains. Now if only I could get rid of the stains on the girls' clothes. The count stands at 9 items stained. Annoying.


Marie said...

Your "low" blood pressure is where my normal pressure is-actually normally it is around 100/60. You're fine-better to go down than up! (but yeah, 50 would be bad...)

Kelly B. said...

Same here - my blood pressure is always around 100/60 and it dipped a little lower when I was pregnant. Better to be a little low than high. You look awesome!!

Missy said...

Love that 70's look! Did she like the camp??!

rachel m said...

ahhh, lovely adult only dinners. and gruyere potatoes! look at how cute you are! love the dancing in the outfield!

Renee said...

you look gorgeous!!