Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. T-ball tonight. It was hysterical. Lots of kids randomly running around. Emma said she wanted to stop halfway through the first inning, but that was short-lived, she got in to it again. At the end she loved it, said she had fun. And I did catch the glove on her butt on at least two occasions. Don't know if the song went along with it or not. Oh, and she slid in to home her second time up. On her knees. It was too funny.

2. So this past Wednesday Emma decided it'd be a good idea to climb on a cozy coupe at Kid Park (fitness center), then just let go. This resulted in a face plant on the floor. Which we thought resulted in just a scraped up nose. Turns out there was a GIANT goose egg hidden under her bangs, although I didn't see it until 2 1/2 hours later when I caught her touching it. She never mentioned it once. She only told us she hit her nose. After the tears, we went to the library - she was fine. Then the grocery store - she was fine. Never let on about her forehead. It was big and squishy and purple. Ugh. She held some ice on it, and never said it hurt. But Thursday night it had flattened out, Friday she had a black eye, and on Saturday night it'd spread over to her other eye. Here's how it looked on Monday.

When she told me how it happened, "I climbed on the car and then just let go and I fell." I said, "well maybe that's not such a good idea and you shouldn't do that again." "Yeah, you're probably right, Mom." Yeah, I think I am, Emma.

3. We went to the Akron Zoo yesterday. Great thing about the Akron Zoo - it's small. And only takes a couple hours to go through. Compared to the Cleveland Zoo which is too big to do in one day. Perfect for the girls. And also one certain pregnant lady.

Jelly fish are weird. Yet fascinating. And in this picture, strangely pretty.

The girls liked the tiger. Related - Mackenzie did not like the bear that was right up in the glass. one habitat over. She hid behind me.

(Emma, Mackenzie, Ava, Bree)

Me and Lisa. Had the girls take some pictures of us, but let's just say the angles weren't the most flattering.

Me and my girls. And Lisa in the reflection.

4. Friday (yeah, totally not going in order, here) we had lunch with Missy, Maya and Laney at the park. Where the highlight (for the girls) was playing in the mud puddles. For the moms, the highlight was sitting in the pavilion watching: seats + shade + not having to chase small children = a good morning.

5. That evening we went to the pool. Where both girls had meltdowns when it was time to leave. That's always fun.

6. Hmm..where am I..oh, Saturday before Memorial Day. Blossom Time. Got the girls bracelets for the rides. Turns out the only thing Mackenzie would ride is the train once and the Merry-go-round twice.

7. And the Friday before that, went to my sister's to swim. Love the Target dresses. And the pigtails. And the almost identical faces they're making. Have I mentioned Mackenzie's freckles are coming out? She has three. They're cute.

8. And the Wednesday before that, planting pumpkins and flowers with Grandma. So far we're 2 for 3 - the pumpkins and Mac's flowers are showing, Emma's are MIA.

9. In an effort to stop the night-wakings, Mackenzie is no longer napping. It's great that she sleeps through the night (finally!) and therefore I get more and better sleep. Not so great is the fact that she's pretty cranky/clingy/rotten most days from 3 - 5ish. Also, she is prone to falling asleep in the car if we're driving in the afternoon. Kind of like here, when one minute she was watching a cartoon, the next the was asleep. Shortly after I had to wake her up for dinner and it was ugly.

10. Speaking of Mac, she still hasn't grown out of the color-with-marker/use-stamps-all-over-my-body phase.

Bonus - Fun jumping shot of Emma, Bree and Mackenzie.

And with that, I'm sort of kind of caught up. A little. For now.


Marie said...

fun fun fun. I hope I can get Lily in t-ball. I think she would really like it.

rachel marquette said...

the glove on her bum is cracking me up! oh my hidden goose egg = black eyes! yeah for summer activities!

Renee said...

i can't believe her forehead.. yipes!! you look awesome!!!