Monday, June 07, 2010

And so it begins...

Emma's first t-ball game is tomorrow. Michael is the coach. And Emma had her first practice on a field Sunday night.

First up, a lesson on bases.

Followed by running the bases.

Batting practice.

They played catch.

They also practiced fielding the ball, catching grounders.
Then came the silliness. Such as "My glove is stuck on my butt! It's stuck on my butt" with lots of giggles. My varisty baseball head coach husband's reply? "I won't last. I'll quit after the first game."

And then this, after running the bases one last time, "Dad? Can I go swing now?"
I can't wait to see how this game goes Tuesday night!


rachel m said...

yeah for t-ball and pink gloves! Eddie coaches riley's team - but I think this will be his last year.

stacy d said...

I love t-ball! Hope Michael has a good sense of humor because no matter how much he teaches them in practice, when game time comes they'll forget it all and do things like run the bases backwards and pick flowers in the outfield. It'll be a blast!