Tuesday, March 23, 2010

While we haven't been doing a lot...

We've done some things this month. Unfortunately I really haven't felt well. So nauseous, the never-ending fatigue. Throw in a week's worth of cold and cough and it hasn't been too exciting around here. I'm so ready to feel like myself again!

So here's part one of what will be many recaps, since I have to go back to January basically. Crap, I don't think I ever even covered Christmas!

At church playgroup earlier this month Mackenzie decided to stamp a dinosaur on her face.

I finally replaced my broken sunglasses. Yes. I wore them like this for two months. Well, when I wasn't wearing Michael's. I just had to remember to take them off before getting out of my car. Unfortunately, sometimes I forgot. Which was embarrassing.

Took Mackenzie to the outlets while Emma was in school one morning. Replaced above sunglasses. We fed the ducks. Mackenzie played on the playground (although that was a bit difficult with all the snow on the ground) and drove a car. Also picked her up a pink tutu skirt which she loves.

Shelby turned 17. 17. Can I say it again - 17. She's now older than I was when she was born.

Visited Marty and Abby and I managed to get this picture right before we left. Everyone's looking but Mac. 4/5 isn't bad, I guess. Michael always wonders why we (as in me and his mom) wait until the end of the night to take the group picture. I wish I knew. But it always works out that way.

We went out to lunch with Mike, our boot camp instructor. He leaves soon for California then Afghanistan. We'll be counting down the months until next March and he returns. At that time, I will be desperate to lose the baby weight. We plan on sending him care packages full of wipes, juice boxes and fruit snacks. I love that Karen is holding Bitty Baby. Notice Mackenzie is not in this picture. She was busy climbing over the booth seats.

And with that, I'm heading to bed. Where I will toss and turn and get up to use the bathroom at least 3 times before finally falling asleep around 1 am.


Marie said...

yea! missed you! i have a pair of sunglasses like that too...although they have been around for a lot longer.

stacy d said...

Ha! The glasses thing cracked me up because I've done that before too. Your's look like they sat straight on your face, so that's good. Mine were broken and sat all crooked. I looked really ridiculous!

And Mackenzie's face!

stacy d said...

Oops! Posted that before I was done.

I was just going to say that Mac's too cute! She did a pretty good job with the stamp!

Hope you start feeling better soon.