Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. This is Mackenzie blowing a kiss. Apparently, she doesn't quite know where her mouth is.

2. Saturday was carnival number one for the weekend, this one in Chagrin Falls. Michael puts together an alumni baseball game so we went to that, then walked down to Blossom. Met up with Maggie while we ate lunch then took the girls on some rides. Okay, so Mackenzie rode one, the merry-go-round. Although for the record, neither of them would get on a horse, so all four of us were on one bench. Emma loves all rides. She's going to grow up and ride all the roller coasters and spinning rides with her mama at Cedar Point.

3. This is what kept Mackenzie happy the whole afternoon - a giant cup of lemonade. There wasn't a lot left in it by the time she got it, but she didn't mind.

4. Both girls got balloons. Emma lost hers within minutes because she wouldn't let us tie it on her wrist. We hadn't even moved away from the booth, so they gave her another one. We didn't' give Mackenzie a choice, we tied it on her wrist so she kept hers...for a while.

She wanted it taken off at the playground. And within a few minutes, it was gone. There was a guy right by her when she let go and he jumped up to grab it and missed it by an inch. It was so close.

5. I'd like to point out two things about this picture. 1, she's pushing both a lawn mower and a stroller. The girl is always pushing something around. 2, the toy golf flags in her hand. She's also always carrying something around. Usually toothbrushes (seriously, the girl has a thing for them. She's constantly getting in the child-proofed drawers and getting out all available toothbrushes then freaks out when we take them away.) but she's also partial to the flags. And yes, I'm aware of the "poke an eye out" danger. She doesn't get to hold them for long.

6. Michael's parents got the girls a picnic table. They love it. Sunday they ate all three meals out there, including dinner with their cousins Malachi and Claire.

7. We got them a water table (our deck is quite full) and it's a hit. Which we knew it would be. I love it because I can put the gate up on the deck and they can't escape. Then I can either work in the kitchen or sit on the deck and relax, worry free.

8. We went to my mom's Memorial Day for the parade, a cookout and the carnival. The girls loved the parade. I'm pretty sure it was one of the greatest things ever for Emma, mainly because of the large amount of candy that came her way. There was no one around us, and we were at the start of the parade route so they were getting a ton of candy thrown at them. We kept yelling, "get the candy, get the candy!" but she was so overwhelmed she just stood there at first. But she quickly got the hand of it.

(See, holding things again.)

(showing off their flags)

(waving to a fire truck)

(watching the raising of the flags)

9. We headed down to the carnival after lunch. Mackenzie totally cried when we put her on here but we didn't take her off (I know, mean) but the second it started she stopped crying. And by the end she was actually smiling. Really, she was. Maybe not quite as big as Emma is here, but she was.

10. Emma has her first dentist appointment tomorrow. Hopefully the lure of a new toothbrush will keep her in the dentist's chair.


Marie said...

ohmygoodness they are getting so big! and i love mackenzie's pig tails. and charlie also carries around a toothbrush all day :)

Rebekah said...

yay for all the great photos! :) what a cool parade & carnival. and i agree with marie...the girls are getting so big. :) love the new little water table...saw that in an ad recently and thought it looked like a ton of fun! :)

Renee said...

cute pictures! i love the pigtails!