Monday, May 11, 2009

18 months

I never did get around to posting Mackenzie's 15-month update. So I was determined not to skip the 18-month one. Granted, I'm about 10 days late, but that's close enough. And if I don't get this stuff down, I'll forget it. Plus, one of these days I'll do an 18-month layout, and I'll definitely need the info. (Some of these things actually date back to the 15-month update, but I'm lumping them all in together.)

Mackenzie loves being outside. As in throws a fit, lays on the floor, kicks and screams and cries when we have to come in. It's not pretty. When we're outside, always runs away, many times heads straight for the road. Likes to play with the toy lawnmower, chalk, ride-on toys.

She's still a light sleeper. There's no going in and checking on her unless you're okay with her being up for a while.

She's still taking a 3 hour afternoon nap. So thankful for that.

Loves shoes. Especially Emma's orange Crocs. So we got her her own pair. And she likes them. But not quite as much as Emma's.

Mac's finally talking! At her 15-month appt., she wasn't really saying anything other than Mama. And even then that wasn't because she necessarily was calling for me, she just said it a lot at random times. So the doctor said if she wasn't saying anything by 18 months, we'd see about a speech therapist. Now, I know not all kids are speaking at this point, but she was behind in general with fine motor skill types of things - she babbled late, waved late, etc. Of course, she was ahead of the game when it comes to walking/running/jumping/climbing. And I know that a lot of times children focus on one thing (walking) and the other (talking) lags behind. I wasn't super concerned, just a bit. Anyway - at her 18 month appt. she was saying mama, dada, yeah, uh oh on a regular basis and had said once or twice Emma, up and hot. In the last week, she's added more, out, book, read and no. Yay!

She gives five, blows kisses, gives hugs.

She knows her head, feet, toes, eyes, belly, mouth.

She's pigeon-toed. Enough that it causes her to trip and fall. Her right foot turns in quite a bit. But anymore, doctors don't really do anything about it. Kids usually grow out of it and unless it's severe, it is left alone. If she's still tripping and falling at her 2-year appt., her ped. said we'll do something about it, but for now we're just watching.

She's a dare devil. Fearless. Climbs everything. Including the rock wall at the playground. Likes to jump from a chair to the couch, or off the fireplace onto the bean bag.

Monkey see, monkey do. Whatever Emma does, Mackenzie does, too.

Loves her monkey. It was ugly last month when we lost it for two days. We know have two back-ups. Still using her binky. Really need to try to wean her off it. I could do it cold turkey like Emma, but she really really really likes it. I think I'd feel bad.

Loves Dora. And Diego and the Backyardigans, too. Gets super excited when Dora comes on. Starts pointing and dancing and squealing.

Suffering from a bit of separation anxiety at the church nursery and kid park (fitness center), although I think the kid park is more of her wanting to go in the big room with Emma and not in the small room with the babies/under two toddlers.

Is a hand holder. Loves to hold hands all the time.

Fights getting in her car seat 90% of the time. It's fun. Also hates getting her diaper changed and shirts pulled over her head. Honestly, would prefer to be naked/in just a diaper all the time.

Is sneaky. And a rotten little thing. But oh so cute.

Likes books, blocks, piggy bank, crayons, balls and any toy Emma might have at the time.

Went through a strange anti-bath phase of about 3 weeks @ 16/17 months old. She would be excited to get in the bath, then within 2 minutes of getting in, would start to cry and try to get out. Thankfully that's over.

I'm growing out her bangs. Which means she has to wear a barrette everyday. Usually she leaves them alone, although today I caught her eating it.

Is a great eater. Will eat almost everything. Doesn't like broccoli, or jelly sandwiches. Also doesn't want her food cut up. Wouldn't eat bananas until I started giving them to her whole. Her favorites: grilled cheese sandwich, yogurt, cheese, grapes, bananas, vanilla wafers, carrots, corn, green beans, mac and cheese. When she's done, she takes off her bib and stands up in her high chair.

Currently has four teeth coming in.

Recently had her first bout of hives. They were crazy big. Seriously. I took pictures. As big as my palm on her thigh. It was nuts. Turns out that you can get hives with a virus/fever. Never knew that.

Is still a tiny little thing @ 31 inches and 22 pounds.

(All pictures taken at the park 5/2/09, one day after turning 18-months-old)
Love you, munchkin!!!

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