Monday, November 03, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - First Birthday edition

1. 8:07 am, November 1st, 2008. Exactly one year after she was born. (She'd been sleeping in the swing since around 5am. Three teeth coming in at the same time makes for some rough nights.)

Good morning birthday girl!

2. Mary and Hannah came over to see Mackenzie Saturday morning since they couldn't make it to the party. As a preview to the party, Emma was all about Mackenzie's present. I'm pretty sure she opened it for her. The girls are so cute.
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3. Playing in the leaves with Emma next door at our neighbors. First she hated them (didn't post that picture), then they were okay (first and second pictures), then she hated them again (see last picture).

4. Opening presents. At first she was sort of into it. She pulled some tissue paper out of a bag, ripped some paper.

5. But new toys, and the cheerios her Aunt Patti had turned out to be much more interesting

6. Here comes the cake. She doesn't look very excited, does she?

7. Emma blew out the candles.

8. She loved the cake. Way more than opening presents.

9. Riding her new pony.

10. With Mommy. I didn't do too good on the picture taking. No picture of her with Michael, nor did I get a family picture.

11. Good night, my big girl.

PS, I've got all the pictures from last week in the album. There are a lot more from her party on there if you'd like to see them. You don't have to look at all 174 pictures from the week, feel free to skip ahead to the really cute cake-eating ones. ;)


Marie said...

yea!!! happy birthday sweet mackenzie!!!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday! Holy presents!!

rachel m said...

happy birthday mackenzie! I think your mama did a great job with all the pictures. Presents are fun -but cake is better! Did you get the bee bop band set? That's one of our favorites in our house!