Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday Wednesday

1. Obviously I'm a day late on this.
2. I got my shutterfly order today. This is what 679 4x6s looks like. Plus 5 5x7s. The OSU glass is there so you can see just how tall the stack is. It's a lot of pictures. They go back to June. When I told Michael, he asked "Why do we need 600 pictures?" "Does your mom print 600 pictures?" "Does your sister?" I pointed out that my sister rarely takes any pictures so she doesn't count. And my mom doesn't do digital, so she doesn't count. Then I told him that my fellow scrapbooks are picture taking fanatics would understand ordering that many pictures. And you do, right?

3. I'm painting our downstairs bathroom today. Very excited. It hasn't been touched in the three years we've been here. It's style is currently "builder's special" and I'm so very glad to be changing it.

4. We went to see Michael at school last Friday. Emma loves the smart board.

5. We just discovered Laurie Berkner and love her. Emma is especially fond of "We Are The Dinosaurs."

6. Emma and Mackenzie collided today and Emma now has a bruise under her right eye and Mackenzie has not a spot on her. Thank goodness. As we're getting her 1-year-pictures taken tomorrow, and I've already moved it back a week due to one bruise, don't want to move it back another.

7. I made my mom's spaghetti sauce last night. Pretty good for my first try, although not thick enough and I ran out of garlic.

8. Bones is on tonight. I love Bones.

9. Have you seen this Jennie-O commerical yet? I laugh so hard every time I see it. I could watch it over and over.

10. Lain Ehmann has a new book coming out!

Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking is not your ordinary scrapbooking book. There are no layouts, no product lists, and no projects. What it does have is cover-to-cover laughs!

Snippets is a collection of short essays about scrapbooking
and all the crazy things this hobby makes us do. Hybrid,
shabby chic, artistic, traditional, digital. all of us are,
deep down, doing the same thing - documenting our lives. I
wrote Snippets with the intent that it would help bring
scrappers together. I'm hoping people will have as much
fun reading it as I had writing it!

You can pre-order the book
here and read a sneak peek here

Simple is having a release party for Lain's book tomorrow, Thursday the 20th, on their site so check it out!


Shannon said...

I just had to comment because my husband and I had a "discussion" last night about pictures. I actually print mine as I want them. So last night, I picked up like 1 collage and 3 pictures. He thinks it's ridiculous that I don't order them in bulk, like you did. Either way, they just don't get it!

Marie said...

i'm so sorry i didn't tell you about laurie sooner! but then again you will just want to shoot laurie sooner...we listen to a lot of laurie around here. and yes, that commercial is hilarious.

Missy said...

Yah- I understand the whole picture thing although I am looking at over 2000 on my laptop and feeling a bit overwhelmed!

Niki said...

I hadn't seen that commercial, to funny! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving....I tagged you so check out my blog :)

nadine jenine said...

oh my gosh, how huge was that turkey!