Wednesday, November 05, 2008

For my scrapbooking friends

First, take a look at these.

Examples by Elizabeth Dillow

I know, it's not your traditional scrapbook album. It's photo album scrapbooking and it's great. Seriously. You should try it. Simple Scrapbooks has a new special issue coming out November 11th on this very topic. It's called Quick and Easy Photo Albums and it's all about using different types of photo albums as scrapbooks. I have an album in it that enabled me to scrapbook a ton of photos that had been sitting in an envelope for years. I hadn't done much with them because there were too many and I kept getting overwhelmed by the stories that needed to be told. Turns out they were perfect for this project. :) So of course, now I need to do another one. I attended Fan Fair in Nashville back in 1995. I have at least 150 photos. From the concerts and meet and greets we attended to downtown Nashville and Dollywood. (Yes, I went to Dollywood.)They've just been sitting in a box being ignored for 13 years. (I think I see a trend starting.)

I really do think you should pick up this issue when it goes on sale, you won't regret it. Think of the relief you'll feel when you complete a really cute, quick and easy album and your stack of photos to be scrapped goes from 1,246 to 1,171. Okay, so it won't take it down to zero, BUT you'll have 75 (or 36 or 102 or 164) photos in a really cute, quick and easy album. And if you don't want to wait another second, because really you shouldn't, you can get started right away by heading over to the Simple Studio blog where Tina Cockburn is hosting a challenge this week.


Marie said...

can't wait for this one :)

Rebekah Price said...

ooo!! sounds great!! and can't wait to see your album!! :)

rachel m said...

this just makes so much sense! and seems like something I can do! I can't wait to get the issue and see your album. Did you get to meet Dolly herself?

darcy said...

Um, COOL!!!

And I haven't seen any recent Erin pages.. I'm going through withdrawl. Can we see some????