Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A toddler who doesn't say "NO"

That would be my toddler. Seriously. What (almost) 2 year old doesn't say no? Everything thing you ask her she answers with okay and right. And if she doesn't want to do something, she just gets mad,flaps her arms and makes this grunting squealing sound. Everytime she does it, we tell her to just say no. So she does. And the next time it's back to the arm flapping. So strange.

Speaking of strange, she is frightened by the monitor. We've noticed a couple times that she got a weird look on her face when she hears Mackenzie or us through it. But today we were down in the basement and Mackenzie started crying. The monitor was turned up kind of loud and Emma freaked. She started crying, her face got red, her eyes got big and she kept saying "turn off, turn off!" I tried to explain what it was but she really wasn't interested. She just didn't want it on.

I put some of her toys back in her room today. Just a little test to see if she can handle it. She's down for her nap and I actually think she might be sleeping. I thought for sure she'd spend 3 hours up there playing with her Dora house and Little People Farm. Granted, she could just be playing really quietly.

Micahel was off yesterday because of the cold and now we're getting tons of snow so his game is cancelled tonight. Good for me because I'm getting my hair cut and he can stay with the girls instead of my neighbor. Not so good for Friday when the game is rescheduled, that's Emma's birthday and he'll be gone all day. But good in that it's not Saturday during her party.

Hmm...that whole paragraph I wrote about Emma being asleep. All lies. I hear her now. I thought it was too good to be true.


Rebekah said...

totally crackin' up at the arm flapping! :) and the monitor...that would be a bit scary! who knew God sounded like a crying infant?! i'm sure that's what emma's thinking. haha! :) & we need some pics of this new haircut!

Maria said...

so funny!!! and i agree with Rebekah, we want to see pictures of your haircut :-)