Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Wednesday before the big '2'

Emma's birthday is coming fast. And I'm trying to get down as many details about her during the week she turns two as I can. I feel like there are so many little things about her I'm going to forget, because as anyone who knows me can attest to, I have a terrible memory. I need this blog for the near future (for my scrapbook pages) and for the distant future, so I can look back on it. I already keep remembering things that happened when Emma was a baby that I know I didn't write down/scrapbook and I'm afraid I won't keep remembering. (For the record, Emma used to sweat like crazy when she drank her bottles, I remembered this because Mackenzie? Not so much.)

She loves to color. Unfortunately not just the coloring books. So she doesn't color as often as she'd like. It's why we got her the AquaDoodle for Christmas. But Monday night we sat at her table with her and colored. And she did well. Stayed in her seat the whole time. Only got a little crayon on the table. But that's what it's for, so I'm not concerned about it. By the end of our coloring time, she just wanted us to color and she watched.

Have I mentioned lately how much Emma LOVES Mackenzie. Here, as you can see, she's giving her a hamburger. Today, she tried to give her ice cream and tea. In case you can't tell, it's not a real hamburger. She really wants her to eat her play food. And really, all food in general. When I'm nursing Mackenzie, Emma usually says "Mackenzie's eating" but tonight she said "Mackenzie's eating a jelly sandwich." Um, not quite Emma. (This and the next picture are from Tuesday)

She also really loves to hug/touch/pet/kiss her. As evidenced by this picture.

Today when I picked her up from Kid Park at the fitness center I heard Miss Rhonda say "No Emma!" And when I looked, I saw Emma leaning over Mackenzie who was playing on the floor. When I told Miss Rhonda how Emma can't keep her hands off Mackenzie, she said "Emma can't keep her hands off anyone or anything." Yep. Pretty much.

I was at the fitness center taking the Rock Bottom fitness class with my friend Lisa. We were both just doing cardio and weights but decided to try this class on Wednesday mornings. I used to take a lot of classes but hadn't recently. Last week was our first class. Let's just say that Lisa doesn't dance (her words) and I'm no kick boxer. At all. I took a kick boxing class once and hated it. I was totally embarrassed by my lack of kicking skills and never took another one. We only do a few minutes of kicking in this class but it's enough to remind me of that horrible experience everytime. As for Lisa, well, she doesn't mambo and grapevine so well. But, man, she can kick! I told her she should be in a Tae Bo video. Me, not so much. Oh and for the record, I hate jumping jacks and it's going to take a loooooong time, if ever, for my bottom to be rock-like.

The car completely knocks out Mackenzie. She fell asleep leaving the fitness center today around 10:30 and didn't wake up until almost 3. Almost every time she falls asleep in the car, she sleeps like that. She is so funny. Laughing a lot. And now that she's discovered the toys on her car seat, bouncy seat, and play mat, she loves to grab them and play. So cute. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :) She snores, by the way, sometimes really loudly. I just mention this because I can hear her snoring through the monitor as I'm typing this.
Emma really likes to follow Michael when he snowblows the sidewalk. But she won't go off it. She won't go in the yard. And our little dare devil who rode every kiddie ride at the fair this summer? She refuses to get in her sled and let Michael pull her around. In fact, not long after I took this picture Monday, Michael said it was time to go, Emma refused. Michael asked her if she wanted to get on her slide and she immediately said "Inside!" and went for the door.
Emma is so strong. Seriously. And if you don't believe me, belive her. Because she says is all. the. time. Like when she was carrying her piano in the family room today. So Strong. When she carries her Weeble Wobble Castle. So Strong. When she carries an animal train car in each hand. So Strong. Even when she carries something that's not so heavy. So Strong. And sometimes, Mommy and Daddy are So Strong, too.

For some strange reason, she also likes to put one cup in another cup and drink from it. Don't really get this at all. (That cup by the way, it's a Cleveland Indians cup from 1996. Seriously.)

She's actually not doing so bad with her toys back in her room. Tonight she went to bed within an hour. And only played with her toys for a half hour or so before getting in bed. Although once in bed, she started doing her fake cry and saying "watch Dora Halloween" over and over again. We can't of course, because it's back at the library. (Yesterday I took the case back, without the DVD. I didn't realize this of course until I got home and Michael tells me they watched Dora Halloween. I say ok. He's says it again. THEN I realize why they is meaningful. Oops.)

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba today. Michael thinks it's dumb. I like it. So does Emma. We've gotten a lot out of it. Dancy dance dance dance dance dance. Wiggle wiggle wiggle go, wiggle wiggle wiggle stop, hold still! There's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy. And many more.

These pictures of Emma in the green shirt and red Chatterbox shirt were all today. Many days we go through two outfits. She's a messy kid.
Oh, yeah, got the haircut and highlights and I love it. Although Michael says the color is exactly the same, which it isn't of course. He was trying to get Emma to say "Mommy I like your haircut" for when I got home but all I got was "Mommy! Mommy! Haircut! Mommy!!" I'm taking Emma in for her first haircut within the next two weeks. Her bangs are just at her eyebrows and once they start getting in her eyes, it's time for a professional. I tend to get them a tad crooked.

Our new cell phones came today. I know have a charger for inside our house. Michael told me tonight that I'm not allowed to touch his charger. Ever. And if I lose mine again I'm out of luck. I've got to try REALLY HARD to not lose it.


Julie said...

They are growing so fast, Erin. I love my blog because I have gone back and read and remembered things I had already forgotten about Jenna too. Her little quirks and such. Happy birthday, Emma!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to the big strong 2 year old!!!