Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Take a picture!"

This morning we're in the kitchen - Mackenzie in the high chair, Emma at the table and I was at the sink cutting up strawberries - when I hear Emma say "She's smiling! She's smiling! Look!!" I turned to see her pointing at Mackenzie, then she says "Take a picture!" She's SO my daughter!

In other news, Emma is no longer afraid of her sit-n-spin. We had a breakthrough today. Thank goodness! I don't have to feel guilty about her receiving a birthday gift that frightens her.

But for every two steps forward she takes one backwards - she's afraid of her Flinstones vitamins. Seriously. A vitamin. :)
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Cheryl said...

ummm hello?! where's the smiling photo? haha!
miss you! we NEED to talk. i have a secret...

Darcy said...

Dude, those Flinstone vitamins would scare me too! Love the picture story.