Tuesday, February 05, 2008

For Marie

You are a dork. Those were both pictures of Mackenzie. But, for your viewing pleasure, here are side by side pictures of them in the super cute 3-month shirt.

Emma is on the left, photo taken 5/23/06
Mackenzie is on the right, photo taken 2/5/08

What do you think?
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Marie said...


Darcy said...

I think MacKenzie looks a tad more like Michael and Emma looks more like you!! but SO similar!

Anonymous said...

They look so similar! How cute!

cheryl said...

i think that emma looks more like michael and mackenzie looks more like you. sorry to darcy up there. lol!
they are precious, erin. i can't wait to meet them! (guess what? me and rebekah are coming to visit you this summer! just to warn you. i'm going through erin withdrawel.)