Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A nice place to take a nap.

This is where I found Emma yesterday during her nap. As Michael said, how tired do you have to be to be looking under your bed and fall asleep? Who knows with her. She'd been in her room for over 2 hours, not sleeping, and I was resigned to the fact she was not taking a nap when I realized it was quiet up there. About an hour later I checked on her and found her like this:

I was afraid she'd wake up and smack her head so I tried to pull her out without waking her but that didn't work. It's amazing. There's practically nothing in her room except furniture, yet she is completely fine hanging out in there in the dark. She just walks around, talks to herself, listens to her music. And eventually she falls asleep. Under her bed.

Remember her purple hand? I mentioned she'd gotten all her hair accessories out. Here's the big mess she made:

For the record, there are all now safely out of her reach!
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Marie said...

oh. my. goodness. tee hee hee

Lisa Dickinson said...

now that's funny! I have a similar photo of Riely under the coffee table asleep, crayon in hand. Kids can sleep anywhere! :)

Julie said...

ha ha! I remember one day I walked upstairs to find Jenna Beth asleep in the middle of her room, with her life jacket on (yes, her life jacket), in the middle of a circle of her baby dolls with a book in her hand. I guess she was having school and reading them a story. And prepared in case a flood came? Ha ha...kids are so cute.

Renee said...

i can't believe she fell asleep like that!! and OH what a mess!!