Thursday, January 10, 2008

big girl bed problems

As of late, Emma seems to be having a hard time staying in bed. As in, she's get out 4 or 5 times and plays. If the thump of her getting of her bed doesn't give it away, the neighing and mooing of her Little People Farm animals does. She's also started to lock the door. So my paper piercer has a new home in our bathroom since it's now used for unlocking the door rather than holes for brads. One night, I realized there were 12 books at the foot of her bed. She'd gotten down, put the books up there then climbed back in. Another night, I opened the door to see her sitting at the foot of her bed, legs out in front of her, looking all innocent as she read a book. Yesterday, I was changing her diaper before naptime when she started saying "Stay in bed." over and over, very sternly. All this leads me to today. She'd been upstairs for over an hour. I'd put her back in bed once. I hear footsteps and "Hi Mommy!!!" at the top of the family rooms stairs. Yep. She'd opened the door. When I went to get her, she ran, saying "Night night downstairs!" which of course wasn't going to happen. So she's now in her crib. Sleeping.

I'd really like to get rid of the crib but it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. The strange thing is, it's seems like if she gets down at naptime, she stays in bed at nighttime and vice versa. Makes no sense. And she did so good for the first month!

I actually got her on tape the other day at naptime. It was hysterical. She'd see me and run to her bed and climb in. Laughing of course. She ended up in her crib. She wasn't laughing then. Lots of crying, actually.

Notice anything off about Emma's dress?

Look closely...
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Yep. It's on backwards, courtesy of her Dad. :) After she was dressed, I thought it looked weird, but we were rushing around getting ready for Church so I didn't think much of it. Afterward, I finally checked it and yep, backwards!
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Marie said...

i am SO not ready for the monkey business that will ensue when we switch lily over in a few days...*sigh*

Darcy said...

Daddy's try to help!!! Darin puts long sleeve onesie's under EVERYTHING. So Adie's little cheeks are bright pink cuz she's so hot. And the bed stories are hilarious!! she has massive personality, Erin!!!