Thursday, February 15, 2007

She's one!

Today Emma is one. Wow. A year ago today I was in the hospital and I was probably sleeping thanks to the epidural. And if I was awake, then I was thirsty and wanting a Dr. Pepper and VERY hungry! At 10:44 pm she was born via C-section - about time! ha ha!

Last night we went to CiCi's for a little pre-birthday/Valentine's Day pizza. I could've picked any restaurant I wanted, and yes, I picked the pizza buffet. :)

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Today, we took lunch to Michael at school. Emma was a little fussy at times since she didn't take her morning nap. Apparantly, she knows it's her birthday and was too excited to sleep. We haven't been there since she started walking (either with her walker or on her own) and the desks were perfect for her to walk with. She walked from desk to desk with ease and really seemed to enjoy herself.

She played with her new Elmo bath toy! (Thanks Stef, Bryan and Julia!) We all watched like it was the most exciting thing ever, ha ha! She just kept knocking it down over and over again.

Here Emma is with Maggie (thanks for the adorable dress, Mags!)

And with Kelli


Marie said...

oh my gosh that is the cutest shirt!!!

happy birthday sweet emma :)

Rebekah said...


she is one stylin' chick on her first birthday! love that cute outfit! :) and it looks like you guys had a super FUN day!

Darcy said...

What a great birthday! LOVE that troft thingy she has on the table at CiCi's. =)

Her birthday outfit is so adorable!

Happy Birthday, Emma!!!

tia said...

wow! i can't believe she's already ONE! happy birthday emma!