Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scrapbook Sunday

I haven't posted any scrapbook pages lately, so I thought I'd try and get back in to the Scrapbook Sunday routine.

This mini album is from the February Write.Click.Scrapbook. gallery, Mad for Minis. Ryan will be six months in less than a week, so I'll have another page to add soon.

And this mini is from WCS for the Holidays. I still need to add pages with ornaments from the last few years.

And now I need to work on some pages for Mackenzie's book. She asked me today where more of her were. Apparently she noticed that Emma's got about 3x the layouts in her books!


Marie said...

I LOVE how that album is turning out and I will be stealing the whole idea. Hee hee.

Missy said...

oh I love that mitten paper!!!