Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Random, again.

Today I saw this and it made me smile.

He likes to eat his feet.

Michael had a basketball game at Shelly's high school last night. I texted her, "I'm at your school. No reason to tell you that. Just felt like it," while we were in the commons having a snack during halftime. I'm taking pictures of the girls and the next thing I know, there she is! She had conferences. Totally did not expect to see her, it caught me off guard, oh but what a fun surprise! Also, I'm glad I sent her such a random text.

The girls have been putting together quite the outfits when dressing themselves. These were Mondays' looks. I meant to take a picture of today's as they were equally colorful.

Swim lessons ended Monday. Emma can move up to what is essentially the same class, just for older kids. But really, we just need to work with her on her strokes, holding her breath and her confidence. She can swim, she just thinks she can only go so far and then stops. She could go so much further in the pool if she'd just keep going.
This one was promoted from beginner to advanced. On one hand, not surprised since the beginner class is just to get them acquainted with the water and that's no issue for her. She loves it and is not at all afraid. On the other, it makes me laugh because whenever Taylor had her on her back and Mac was supposed to be kicking, she'd instead just let Taylor pull her through the water. I'm thinking she's going to have to work a bit harder in the next class.
This is how we entertain ourselves. Michael comes up with random stuff for the girls to do. In this case, it was practicing both their long jumps as well as high jumps. Emma was so into it. She's competitive. Very.
Ryan in the exersaucer at the gym's Kid Park. I think he likes it. (Of course it could be that he was happy to see me. Just sayin'.) Bonus, extra time working on his trunk/head strength. No worries, though, he gets plenty of time being held by the wonderful women who work there. He's quite the ladies man already.
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Marie said...

you are in my favorite golden age of feet eating, giggling, smiling, and the inability to move and get into things. really, it is my favorite time :)

darcy said...

His little personality is sure coming out.. Love the feet pic and the last one with his tongue. =)

Missy said...

So fun that you saw Shelly! Taxes are done, let's get together again....wait for it...i feel like scrapping again!!!