Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday five

1. We started baby food a couple weeks ago. Actually, we started it a couple days before I wrote Ryan's 5-month update. He still isn't a fan of the cereal, but he loves the food. Well, most of the food. Bananas are his favorite by far. The first new food after bananas? Carrots. Oh my, his face was hysterical. It was if he was expecting bananas, was ready for them and instead I put this awful tasting stuff in his mouth. He gave me the biggest frown/disgusted look, then spit them out. By the end, we had carrots everywhere. He's also not a fan of green beans, and seemed to think squash and peaches were just okay.

2. I registered Emma for Kindergarten yesterday. All I can say is her first day of school is going to be rough. For me. She'll have a blast, I'm sure.

3. Last Saturday we went out with some of my workout girls and their husbands. Dinner then bowling. I love bowling. It brings out my competitive side. I'm not very good, but I just want to keep playing so I can get better and get a higher score. I bowled a 96, 128, 112.

4. We went to dinner and then Kohls tonight. I finally got a 30% coupon and I never get the 30% ones (I'm pretty sure they're stingy with them) so I was a little excited. I'm at the counter to pay and realized I had last month's expired coupon, not the current one. I'm pretty sure the look of shock and confusion on my face, plus me asking her to hold it so I could go home and get my coupon, convinced the cashier I really did have one and wasn't trying to scam her, so she gave me the 30% off anyway. I got out to the car, checked my purse and there it was. It'd been in the car the whole time. Of course I felt the need to go back in and show it to her. So I did. I'm sure that made her think I'm crazy. But hey, I felt better afterward.

5. Shelby is now 18. I was 16 and a junior in high school when she was born. Now she's about to graduate high school and head to college and I have three kids. Crazy.

Happy Weekend!
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