Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo 365: 1/10/11 - 1/16/11

1/10: Mackenzie's first swim lesson. She loved it. She was so excited to finally be big enough to take lessons. The girls lessons are back to back, so we're there from 7 - 8:30 by the time we shower them and get them in their PJs.

1/11: Playing the Cat in the Hat game Emma got for Christmas. I put my camera on the floor and set the timer.

1/12: I knew when I left this morning without snowblowing I was going to get stuck in the driveway. And I did. So I had to snowblow around my car, move it in to the garage, then finish the driveway.

1/13: We met my mom at the mall so the girls could use their Disney Store gift cards she gave them for Christmas. It was so fun watching them check everything out. Emma kept asking, "can I get this?" and if I said she could but only that and then there'd be nothing left, she'd put the item back. She wanted to be sure she could get two things. Their final purchases were exactly the same, of course - princess art kits in a zip around case and stickers. They were so excited.

1/14: Poor Ryan, already being dressed up in tutu skirts. And he's already perfected the, "Are you serious?" look.
1/15: Date night. We went out to dinner with my workout girls and spouses. Twenty-two of us in all, which meant we needed a room to ourselves. It was fun to hang out, chat, eat and then play a few games before heading home.
1/16: Shelby and Angie stayed the night after babysitting for us, so we took them to lunch after church. Not that we need an excuse to go to Bob Evans, we go so often after church that the girls expect us to go to "the pancake place" every Sunday.
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Marie said...

hee hee-lots of girl dress up clothes for charlie too...

Missy said...

Hee hee the pancake place:)