Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emma's five-year checkup, or

How my camera came in handy for entertaining us during the 1.5 hours we were there for said appointment.

There's only so much you can do in a tiny room with three kids without going crazy. Granted, the time was broken up with a vision test, hearing test, check-up, peeing in a cup (always fun!) and shots. But still. It was a loooong time to be in there!

I let Emma and Mackenzie take pictures. It kept them entertained. For whatever reasons, the ceiling and floor are very interesting to three-year-olds. I snapped a few, too.

For the record, at five-years-old Emma is 44.25 inches, 41.5 pounds. Healthy percentile, healthy BMI, good blood pressure, and she passed vision and hearing tests.

The shots, by the way, were awful. Emma freaked when she found out she had to have them. I had to hold her on my lap while she kicked and flailed and whipped her head around while shouting, "no shots! no shots!" as loud as she could. It was awesome.

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Missy said...

This is one of my favorite blog entries.ever.
I'm so sorry Miss Emma had to have shots- I remember Maya's 5 year appointment well....awful-ness.
I really do think Laney and Kenz are long lost twins....lol!