Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five

1. I got Emma this super cute sweater at the Gap. Totally reminds me of my favorite sweater when I was in elementary school. But Emma did not find it super cute. She told me she didn't like it because she didn't like "that color" and pointed to the grey. So she doesn't like grey. This was Sunday night.

Monday at school, I'm telling Lisa and Kelly about it and Emma tells them she doesn't like grey. That's when we all just looked at her in disbelief, because you know what she was wearing? Grey. That she picked out of her closet that morning herself. Grey shirt and grey skirt. Really? But you don't like grey. Huh.

2. I worked out today. Closest to a real workout as I've gotten so far. I walked a few laps with a friend, lifted my regular upper body routine with slightly lighter weights than I'd been using, then ran four laps. I haven't run since my belly was big enough to bounce when I ran and I stopped. So it's been a while. It wasn't as awful as I thought it would. The running that is. I'm slowly adding things back in. I'm still slightly paranoid of hurting myself after my c-section, but I'm tired of not being active. I think I'm going back to step class next week. And I'm going to start adding ab/core work back in. And push-ups. I've done a few of those and it's crazy how hard they are now. Something that was so easy to me pre-pregnancy has become not-so-easy. It's amazing how fast your body gets out of shape, how fast you lose the strength you've built up. It felt good though.

3. Ryan went to Kid Park (at the fitness center) for the first time today. Technically babies should be eight-weeks-old before going in, which would be Sunday, but they let him in. Thank you Miss Nancy.

4. Mackenzie really got in to painting her little animal that Renee sent her. Emma enjoyed it to, just didn't make quite the mess. Thanks Renee! They love them!

5. Ryan smiled! Wednesday he gave me his first real social smile. It was awesome. There is nothing better than your baby smiling at you, especially the first time. I can only describe the feeling as joy. This happiness was just bubbling out of me. I love it.

Today I tried to get a picture of him smiling and this is the best I got. When I say "Good morning Ryan!" in this baby talk/sing song voice he smiles. But when I move back to take the picture, he stops. So there was a lot "Good Morning"-ing going on this afternoon in my attempt at a smiling picture. Note to self: do not use your 50mm lens when trying to get a picture of your baby smiling on the changing table. It just doesn't work when you're trying to be close to said baby's face to get him to smile, yet keep having to move back to to get the picture in focus. Also, learn to use your camera.


Marie said...

I did a whole lot of put the camera NEXT to my head and hope I am aiming correctly after I set everything to keep my face present instead of the big black box. Actually I still do :)

Marie said...

oh but it is still a cute picture :)