Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to Halloween

It's never too late to get the Halloween pictures up, right?

Our Halloween festivities began the Thursday before Halloween when we met up with all my workout girls for trick-or-treating at First and Main. It's an outdoor shopping mall, very cute, and many of the store employees dress up to hand out the candy.

I had no chance of getting them all to look at me. And this was only half of the group. It was crowded, and near impossible for everyone to stay together.

Next up was the Halloween parade and trick or treating at Emma's preschool.

Mackenzie dressed up too, and was the candy-hander-outer.

Emma was Belle. We tried hard to find Strawberry Shortcake, but it wasn't meant to be.

And Ryan just looked cute in his spider hat and slept.

Then on Halloween Sunday, we had trick-or-treat. Lisa, Tim, Bree and Ava came over for our 3rd annual Halloween trick-or-treat party. We missed having Larry, Beth, Caroline and Jack there though. It wasn't the same without Beth's super cute mini-cupcakes!

Ryan was a football. Hee.

And underneath his costume, he had a pumpkin butt. Another hee. Also, he was 6 weeks old that day.

Hello Dora, Belle and Football.

Bree was not wasting any time.

At our next door neighbors, Bob and Stacy's.

Ryan slept through it.

After we hit a few houses, the boys took the girls for more trick-or-treating while Lisa and I sat by the fire pit. Much warmer there. But by 7:30 they were done, I took Ryan in and Michael and the girls handed out candy until it was over at 8. Emma is now Cinderella, as she tripped on her Belle dress twice and fell face first onto driveways. But she's tough -no tears, just wanted to switch costumes.

And you might've noticed Dora was blonde up above. She should've looked like this:

But she wouldn't wear the wig. I got it on her once, when we tried on her costume, and that was it. I wish she would've worn it, so stinkin' cute.

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stacy@dooLITTLETHINGS said...

Ha! Love the Dora wig!! :)