Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Five

1. It's snowing out. And it is sticking. So apparently winter is here. I like winter but I hate being cold.

2. They love him.

3. The binky fairy visited this newly-turned-three-year-old this week. In exchange for the three binkies under her pillow in a Ziploc bag so she couldn't get to them (plus the two her mother found the next day), she received a Polly Pocket set. It went about as expected. Some crying. Some begging. But she was able to go to sleep pretty easily without them. Yesterday in the car she randomly whined, "But mom I want my biiiiiinkies." Tonight is night number three without them and not a word was said. So I guess she's good.

4. Emma was Special Child of the Week last week. Very exciting. This included a sticker, a box she filled with her favorite things for a special show-and-tell all her own, pictures and drawings to hang on the wall (above her in the picture), a q&a she filled out (with spelling help from me) and a "pet" to bring home over the weekend, complete with movies and a book. Unfortunately we never got to the movies. Which caused some tears Sunday night when she realized this.

5. Ryan likes to roll onto his side. He's been doing this for almost two weeks, since five weeks old. I'm not a fan. What if he turns into Super Infant, rolls on to his stomach and then can't lift his head up to breathe? This is the one time I'm glad he doesn't like to sleep on his back and is still in his bouncy seat at night. It is pretty cute, though.
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Marie said...

oh Charlie used to scare me HALF TO DEATH doing this, except he made it all the way to his tummy-so much earlier than I was ready. I gave up putting him back because he could roll back and literally, every single time I went in he was on his tummy. I did not sleep well for quite a while...